Top 10 Tips for Indian Pilgrims

India is a land of spirituality, devotion, and a beautiful combination of different religions. India is believed to be the birthplace of various religions which are widely spread all across the globe. The soil of our country gives a fragrance of customs and traditions and the aroma of religious convictions which is the well-known feature of India. Being the origin of various religions, there are numerous spiritual getaway destinations in India where millions of Indian, as well as International tourists, visit every year. International tourists visit India to experience the worldwide famous cultural and spiritual atmosphere of the country. Some of the most popular and sacred pilgrim destinations in India are- Vaishno Devi, Char Dham, Amarnath Yatra, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi, and there are many others in the list of Indian pilgrimage spots.

However, undertaking an Indian pilgrimage journey requires a piece of deep knowledge and experience or else can prompt difficult issues on the off chance that you are not enough arranged for the tolls of such a voyage. Here are 10 things to remember while going for an Indian pilgrimage:

1. Be Physically Fit

Be Physically Fit

The prime thing to be ensured before the Indian Pilgrimage Tour is your physical fitness as most of the Indian pilgrimage destinations are located on high altitudes. There are many religious places located in a dry area, some are located in the area which experiences massive snowfall. Hence, it is very important for a pilgrim to be physically fit for the journey. However, at some high-altitude pilgrimages like Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand, helicopter services are offered by the numerous traveling companies to make your journey more comfortable and even Char Dham Rental Services are also playing a key role in making your journey more convenient.

2. Dress Modestly

It is always better to keep in mind that on your pilgrimage journey, your prime priority should be a spiritual expedition and then tourism should come in your priority list. So, tourists are advised to dress modestly. Wearing shots or halter neck top saddens the spiritual sentiments so avoid wearing such dresses. Pilgrims are advised to wear such clothes which can cover your legs, arms, and shoulders in a proper manner as it showcases the respect and honor to the religious sentiments of the pilgrimage destination you are exploring. Tourists should keep themselves away from controversies by sticking to the norms.

3. Stay Vigilant

Most of the religious destinations in India are heavily crowded throughout the year with devotees coming from all across the world. Apart from the crowd of tourists, the pilgrimages are surrounded by various porters, vendors selling fruits, souvenirs, and even you can find some priests selling threads and astrologers can also be seen at such places. Tourists are strictly advised to take care of their belongings and luggage during their journey. You must keep an eye on your luggage if it is with the porter or on a cart. Be vigilant all the time on your trip and beware of the pickpockets to keep yourself away from mishappening.

4. Choose Appropriate Footwear

At some religious places you need to cover a long walking distance like Vaishno Devi and at such places carrying slippers or flip-flops is not a good option. Slippers can make your journey difficult and unsafe at high-altitude pilgrimages like Kedarnath, Badrinath etc. Trekking shoes are the best option to keep yourself comfortable and safe on such pilgrim journeys and even it makes you feel less tired. High altitude pilgrimage witnesses chilly cold weather and in those areas only shoes can save you from the monkey brass weather. So, it is very necessary for a tourist to select proper footwear.

5. Carry Necessary Gears

A light and necessity-equipped baggage is always recommended for a comfortable journey. It is always wise to keep your well-managed with the necessary things like medications, sunglasses, an umbrella, a water bottle, and the most important thing your ID proof. To lessen your burden and to strengthen your enjoyment, it is good to pack accordingly.

6. Be Friendly

This quality of yours adds more flavor to your journey. You come along many people on your journey including your tour guide. Always ensure to be affable and friendly on your tour which can help you to overcome any sudden issue befall you. A pilgrimage is obviously a new place for you where you require someone to be ready with a helping hand and only friendly nature can help you in this. However, be very clear between friendly and over-friendly and excess of everything is bad and can push you towards any trouble.

7. Don’t Hurt Local Religious Sentiments

As stated above that India is well-known for its culture, customs, and traditional beliefs and Indians are known for their unflinching religious faith. Tourists are requested and advised to respect the religious sentiments of the place of their pilgrimage. There are certain rules and traditions of a particular place which must be followed by the tourists.

8. Beware Of Crooks And Touts

One of the most noticeable things to be taken care of during your trip is to be aware of the crooks and touts which can be found in numbers at the tourists’ destinations especially at the pilgrimages. If any stranger wants to get overfriendly with you then you must understand the intentions of the person. Your negligence can spoil your journey and alertness can keep you free from all the evils.

9. Be Attentive Towards Your Safety

Trying local cuisines is obviously an integral part of your journey but keep a watch on what you eat to prevent yourself from diarrhea or food poisoning. Always keep a few important numbers with you and never go alone at an isolated place.

10. Plan Your Transportation

Getting transportation at a new and strange place can turn out to be the biggest hurdle in your journey that must be tackled soon. Your friendly behavior with locals and guides is surely going to help you out in arranging transportation in any case of emergency.

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