Must See Destination in Delhi for a Solo Traveler

More than 10,000 travelers land at New Delhi airport or railway station to explore this old city. And a lot of them are solo travelers. Well everyone is writing about what you can see or explore or eat here but as I am a fan of solo traveling so I would love to share a post for solo travelers who have Delhi on their bucket list.

So here are my 3 must-see destinations in Delhi for a solo traveler.

Top Things to Do in Delhi

Old Delhi Area

Things to Do in Delhi

The charm of the Old Delhi Area still fascinates many travelers as evidenced by loads of people roaming around its vicinities. The Red Fort is a sight to behold which is in the past the residential place of the emperor of the Mughal Empire. Today, the fort is home to numerous museums perfect to learn more about Indian history and appreciate the aesthetic of the Red Fort itself.

The Jama Masjid is a nice place to visit which is not an unusual structure to learn how an Indian predominantly Hindu population has mosques that are grand and picturesque like this. Take a stroll and feast your eyes on the beautiful mosque while at it. Fatehpuri Masjid is also another mosque to appreciate near the Chandni Chowk main gate.

After enjoying the masjid, what better way to go than to eat, Chandni Chowk which is just a walk away has diverted gustatory offers for its guests from Mughal food, Rajasthani to North and Southern dishes. The place just spells hungry in every corner because of the food.

Shri Digambar Jain Mandir is an unusual shape of architecture with a lot of history and is said to be the oldest temple and most popular of them all, which is why it is a must place to visit in Old Delhi.

Connaught Place, Karol Bagh, and Paharganj

Shopping has always been on the list of every traveler, souvenir items are one important thing to buy before getting out of a certain place, and Delhi has a number of places that offer the finest trinkets and items just right for the individual taste and budget. Connaught Place is usually the hang-out of expats and migrants because of its clean pathway and sleek urban planning.

It is a sprawling area where shopping for international brands can be done as well as the local brands that enjoyed success as well. The Central Park at Connaught Place is a nice area to meet the locals and to just walk around after endless shopping and eating. For more excitatory and authentic Indian shopping, Karol Bagh offers that to its customers.

You can find a lot of local artisanal products available here and choose from many stores to buy them. Haggling is legal, so practice your best talk to lower the item’s price. Local cuisines can also be tried here which is a lot cheaper.

Paharganj which is located in Central Delhi is also the best place to get to learn local cuisine and history as well as the tradition of the people and culture, much like experiencing Karol Bagh. Plus if you want to stay somewhere which is more modern then try South Delhi. And I will suggest accommodation at GTC Hotel, South Delhi which is my favorite.

Lutyens Zone Delhi

For a more contemporary appeal, the Lutyens Zone Delhi can give that to guests. Enjoy the India gate which is India’s version of Arc de Triomphe and is made in commemoration of the end of All Indian War. See the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the home of India’s President which is a magnificent aesthetic. Enjoy local market life at the Pandara Road, and get to taste some of the finest ingredients of Indian cooking from different regions.

For history learning, the National Museum can be visited which is said to be the largest museum found in India. Learn how the country became independent and the life of the people in pre-colonialism India. Lutyens Bungalow is a nice hotel to stay at the zone itself which has been given a certificate because of its excellent staff service, quality, and value for money.

The hotel has a nice colonial feel to its design and has a beautiful garden perfect for relaxation.

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